REAL COLLECTION: Dreadlocks Readymade HD Cranial Prosthesis Vacuum Fit

Hairline Illusions™, LLC manufactures, distributes and markets one-of-a-kind realistic hair-scalp, facial  prosthetics to patients affected by disease or trauma conditions. The prosthetics is designed for people who are seeking a high level of realism offering nano-silver bases to help prevent odor and bacteria since 2011. First in the USA! Measurements are taken and molds are created to mimic the original as close as possible. Skin color – pigmentation and nails are also matched creating a realistic prosthesis.


If given the choice, no one would want to lose hair due to medical reasons. Hair loss can be a crisis that's hard for many to take. The right wig can make all the difference in the world – boosting self-esteem, even helping the healing process for chemotherapy patients.


Living with Alopecia can be very stressful as well. Feelings towards baldness have been devastatingly negative as most view hair loss as a sign of weakness. Most Alopecia patients are not frail. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes a person to lose their hair as the immune system destroys the hair follicles.


Important Notes: Vacuum Fit wigs are normally customized to fit your exact head measurments. Although this prosthesis is not custoized, it's flexible and can fit most heads. For updo styles, it may require adhesive tape near the sideburns.


Cranial Prosthesis Vacuum Fit  Cap is made with medical grade polymers.  Fully implanted.

✨Natural & Gorgeous! 
✨No glue required.
✨Cap Type: Breathable Vacuum Fit

✨Cap Color: Caramel 

✨Cap Size: Small 21.5 Circumference; 13" Front to Back
✨Hair Fibre: Natural Dreadlocks - (Tight/Even, Sharpie)
✨Hair Length: 16" Strands-14" Crown to Tips
✨Hair Density: 110%
✨Wig life: 3-5 Years

✨Maintenance: Every 12 months

✨Warranty: 90 Days

REAL COLLECTION: Dreadlocks Readymade HD Cranial Prosthesis Vacuum Fit

$8 400,00Price
  • Step #1: Email

    • Email photos of your natural hair with extensions or wig.
    • Optional: Email photos of your desired hair texture (curl), color and density.  Please name the attachment same as described (i.e. texture-curl.jpg, hair-color.jpg, hair-density.jpg, etc.)

    Step #2: Confirm Specs

    • Phone Consultation to discuss photos and best options and specifics. 
    • Order form, mold making and measuring instructions are emailed and/or completed.
    • Your order is confirmed and 50% deposit is collected via bank wire or online invoice.

    Step #3 We start building your hairpiece.

    Step #4 After receiving your balance your order is shipped with detailed application and care instructions.