Ombré Blonde Light HD Fiberglass Integration Vacuum Seal Wig for Alopecia

Cranial Hair Prosthesis “Medical Wigs” for Alopecia - total hair loss. Ultimate Light Invisible System. Can easily style hair in ponytail during exercise. Visually, it's the finest. Lightweight Fiberglass Silicone breathable cap. Wig life 3-5 years.

✨Natural & Gorgeous! 
✨No glue required.
✨Cap Type: Breathable Prosthesis


  • Order Type: Readymade 
  • HD Vacuum Cranial Prosthesis
  • Base Color: Light
  • Base Size: Small 21" Circumference
  • Hair Construction: Injections / Hand-tied
  • Hair Type: (Single Drawn) Young Human Hair 
  • Hair Texture: Straight
  • Hair Colors: Processed
  • Hair Density: 60%-100% 
  • Hair Length: SD: 10cm - 23cm
  • Application: Breathable Suction
  • Construction Time Ready
  • Maintenance: Every 12 months
  • Warranty: 90 Days

Ombré Blonde Light HD Fiberglass Integration Vacuum Seal Wig for Alopecia

$9 600,00Price
  • Step #1: Email

    • Email photos of your natural hair with extensions or wig.
    • Optional: Email photos of your desired hair texture (curl), color and density.  Please name the attachment same as described (i.e. texture-curl.jpg, hair-color.jpg, hair-density.jpg, etc.)

    Step #2: Confirm Specs

    • Phone Consultation to discuss photos and best options and specifics. 
    • Order form, mold making and measuring instructions are emailed and/or completed.
    • Your order is confirmed and 50% deposit is collected via bank wire or online invoice.

    Step #3 We start building your hairpiece.

    Step #4 After receiving your balance your order is shipped with detailed application and care instructions.

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